Restaurant City - Gifts Generator v3

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  • Firefox
  • Fiddler
  • nofil2000.html - [LINK]
This is How to use Gift Generator V3

  • Download Nofil2000 gifts generator. Links above. Extract the folder to your desktop.
  • Open Fiddler (check File > Capture Traffic is ticked. For firefox, you will need to Force Traffic to Fiddler)
  • Log into Facebook.
  • Open the nofil2000.html in the extracted folder in your browser. 
  • Visit this URL: ''  You will see an error page, but no worries. 
  • Check your fiddler now.
  • You will see this line 'crossdomain.xml' Right click it and select Copy > Just URL
  • Go to the Auto responder tab, and click ADD 
  • The cross domain line will appear. Ensure only that line is ticked. 
  • Click on the drop down arrow beside the Save button
  • Select 'Find a file..'
  • Browse to the nofil2000 folder and open the crossdomain.xml inside the folder.
  • Click Save.  (watch video if you do not understand these steps)
  • Click clear cache in Fiddler.
  • Now look at the nofil2000.html tab.
  • Click Get ID and wait for your Facebook ID to appear. 
  • Click Get Token and wait for the Token to appear.
  • A token code will be generated. Copy and paste it in this group 'COLLABORATIVE GIFTS EXCHANGE' to share with fellow cheaters so that everyone can gain more gifts. 
  • Now copy all the token you can see on that page and paste it into the nofil2000.html
  • Only 1 token each line! Or it will FAIL.
  • Click GET GIFTS and watch as the gifts are loaded! (note: Convert ID has been PATCHED so it no longer works. You only get the items which the token-maker used)
  • Once done, enter RC and the ingredients are already in your restaurant. 

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