Pet Society - New MB items + Doll House

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  1. Download the file above. 
  2. Open Fiddler
  3. Go into Pet Society. Once loaded, find for these lines in Fiddler.
  6. Right click them > Copy URL and go to Autoresponder and click 'Add'. Or you can use the regular expression 
  7. REGEX:(?insx).*database\.dat$
  8. Regex:(?insx)^.*/shopMystery.*\.dat$
  9. Now replace the 'database.dat' with the 'joojoobe_database3.1.47.dat' and  'shopMysterydat' > 'joojoobe_shopMysteryXXXX.dat' that you just downloaded. Click SAVE
  10. (Click on the drop down arrow button beside the 'Save'. Select 'Go To File' andbrowse to the place where you downloaded the file to.)
  11. Clear cache for your browser.
  12. Once replaced, refresh Pet Society > MysteryShop for the items and Glow in the dark for the coin cheat. Have fun! 
  13. The bought items will all be in the Doll House Mystery Egg. Just open it up! (If Unclear Watch the videos BELOW!)

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