Ninja Saga - HP and CP Hack

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This is the How to Hack HP an Cp

1. Enter in Ninja Saga (do not Select Character)
2. Open CE, Process firefox.exe, Tick (Hex, 8bytes, ASROM)
3. Scan "3B0008C25B5E0689", 2 address returned
4. Rclick the 2nd address and Select "Disassemble this memory region"
5. Rclick the Selected Code and select "Toggle Break Point" or [F5]
6. Go back to Ninja Saga, select character and click play, (The browser will now freeze)
7. Go back to CE, Click "Debug" > "Run" [5times for HP] [7times for CP]
8. At the right side is the Register panel. Double click the EAX and change the value to "3E8" (more code below)
9. Now right click the Selected Line code and select "Toggle Break Point" again 
10. Now Click "Debug" > "Run" (to unfreeze the game)
11. Now you will enter Ninja Saga and your new HP and CP will be reflected.
12. Now Click "Jutsu" > "Clear" to save the game (wait till the message disappear)

3E8 = 1,000
2710 = 10,000
C350 = 50,000
186A0 = 100,000

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