Nightclub City - Item Cheats

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This is How to Cheat Items:

  • Go to Nightclub City
  • As an example, buy 4 tablebars,place it inside your inventory.
  • In cheatengine, scan '4' in 4bytes. Now you'll see a couple of addresses.
  • Now place 1 bar back in your club. Now there's 3 bars.
  • Go back to cheat engine and scan '3' in 4bytes.
  • If there's still couple of addresses,put 1 tablebar back in your club. Now you have '2' tablebars left in your inventory.
  • Go back to cheat engine and scan '2'. (This time,im sure 1 address will be left, else repeat till only 1 left!)
  • Double click on the address and edit the value of the address to 99.
  • Remove the last tablebar and you'll notice that you have 99 tablebars now.
  • Sell all the bars until there's only 1 left. 
  • Then go back to cheatengine and edit the value again to 99. And sell it again if you want cash.

      You can do this in any items you want.

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