Petville - Latest Coin Hack

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Firefox 3.5
Charles (you can google this)

. Enter into Petville and bubble game (don’t start popin')
2. Open Charles
3. In the petville, finish the 1st round (don’t click next round)
4. Go back to charles, find and expand the "" > "current/" >"flashservices/"
5. Select all "gateway.php (BaseService.dispatchBatch)" > "Request" untill you find the "MiniGameService.updateRound"
6. Now Right Click the "gateway.php (BaseService.dispatchBatch)" and select "Edit",
7. At the Bottom Right of Charles Click "AMF",Look for "sequence" then expand the "params"
8. In the "sequence" put the next number (for example:the number is 5, you must change it to 6)
9. In the "param" > "[2] integer" Do same as Step 8
10. When Done Click "Execute"
11. Now repeat the step 8 and 9 // 1 to 10 times (for additional coin)
12. Back to the game by "QUIT", will return to the main game screen,
waiting for "SYNC ERROR" appears click "OK" will automatically re-enter the game!
13. After refresh, look at your money!

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