Cafe World - Updated Coin Cheat V2

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Charles 3.5.1
Flash 10
Java for charles to work
Note: You will need DRINKS gifts in the account for this cheat to work. Use another account or beg your friends to send you Free Gifts -> any drinks.You can try clearing browser's history and cache if the cheat does not work for you.
1 Open Charles. Make sure it loads finish.
2 Go into Cafe World
3 You should see this line in Charles. "" (it may 4 be client-0 or client-2) Expand it> expand amfphp
5 You will see "gateway.php (YoCafeRemote.initialize)"
(if you do not see this, you did not follow the steps! close everything and start from step 1)
6 Right click this gateway.php and select Breakpoints
7 Immediately go to Cafe World, Click Use Gifts, Click Serve on any of the drinks. Has to be DRINKS or any of the INSTANT serve gifts.
8 A breakpoint tab will appear on Charles
9 Click it, click AMF.
10 Expand the [4] and you will see 'customers' with a value
11 Change that value to '1000000'
12 Click Execute
13Another breakpoint tab will appear.
14 Click back to your Session tab, and right click that gateway.php that your added a Breakpoint to earlier.
15 Now, select breakpoints again to remove it.
16 Click on the breakpoint tab, and click execute.
17 Check your Cafe World now, you should have a few millions coins( i went from 40k to 30million coins :p). Have fun!!

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