NightClub City - Coins and Exp Hack

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This is How to do Coin Hack

  • Go into NightClub City
  • Open Cheat Engine 5.X, Process firefox.exe(Browser.exe)
  • Scan Type '4bytes'
  • Scan your current coins
  • Earn some coins and next scan new value
  • Repeat Step 5 Till one address remains
  • Change the value to '900m'
  • Done

    This is How to do Exp Hack

    • In CE copy the Coin Hack Address
    • Click 'Add Address Manually'
    • Paste the Coin address then Add +4
    • New address will appear
    • Chane the value to '35,000,000' MAX LEVEL
    • Completed, Enjoy

    Here is the video of the hack:

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