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  1. Download Cafe World Bot from links above.
  2. Using WINRAR, extract the setup.exe and install the bot. 
  3. Once installed, just execute it and you will be shown the facebook login page. Note: This is NOT a scam/phishing page. If you are afraid, you can try logging in a spare account first and you will see that you will be logged into your actual CafeWorld Page. If you are still afraid, feel free to not use this bot :)
  4. Basically, just log in and you will appear at your Cafe World game.
  5. Click on settings and for super fast leveling, choose the Bacon Cheeseburger which only takes 20secs to cook! Remember to select "Sell only Main Dish"
  6. That's all! Just minimize the bot and it will do its magic. Do NOT play the game while the bot is activated or the game will RETRY. There is a log at the right side which will show you your current exp/coins and the updated exp/coins.
Bot is not working for me. What should I do? 
Do the following to start the bot:

  1. If your default browser is different from Internet Explorer, open Internet Explorer and log in at selecting the “Remember Me” checkbox.
  2. Close Internet Explorer.
  3. Run the “cafeworldbot” program.
  4. Wait till the cafe is loaded.
  5. Open the “Settings” tab and the “Advansed Settings” tab. Choose a main dish, which must be prepared. I recommend to Choose a ‘Cheeseburger 20 second’.
That’s all. The bot is ready to work instead of you. You can minimize the program and get down to your business.
The main window of the program is minimized into the tray. You can maximize it with a double click on the tray icon.
The bot informs you about what it does using popup messages in the lower-right corner of the screen. Also, all actions are displayed on the main tab of the program in the list on the right.
While the bot is working in cafe (its status is “Working”), you may not do anything in the cafe manually.

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